Designer and decorator Sergei Vasiliev lives and works in Paris and Moscow. He is one of the founders of the world-renowned brand SEREDIN&VASILIEV, whose collections are admired by the international media, experts and connoisseurs of haute couture. At a showing at the historic Salle Wagram, the master architect Andrée Putman personally congratulated the designers on their latest resounding success.

       From early on, Sergei Vasiliev was distinguished by exceptional artistic talent, dedicating significant time to artistic molding, drawing and decoration. His training in art school and the department of design and decoration at the institute of technology helped him hone his skills.
       Like a true artist, Sergei traveled extensively and learned a lot, already living in France. Having become a recognized fashion designer, it is here where he first ventured seriously into interior design. His range of professional activities is extraordinarily broad. It includes the orchestration of haute couture runway shows, public interiors and one-of-a-kind projects for private homes and luxury residences.
       Sergei Vasiliev has now devoted himself fully to the decorating profession. Extensive artistic experience, work in far-flung areas of the globe—from the countries of Europe to India and China—and personal connections and collaboration with illustrious representatives of the art, fashion and architecture worlds have allowed him to form his personal vision of spaces and interiors, a unique style and an artist’s approach to blending colors and textures.
       Sergei Vasiliev says, “Each new project is a book that I write and illustrate in partnership with the customer. It is important to not create a ‘designer’s’ interior, but rather to capture the spirit, atmosphere and sensation of comfort and aesthetics as represented by the future inhabitants of the created space. My task is to guide in a professional direction the flow of thought and actions that occurs during the work process. In the creation of an interior, there are no trifles. Every detail is important—from the engineering implementation of the project to the final decorative touches: the selection of paintings and art objects.”
       Without a doubt, he is passionate about this!
       Sergei Vasiliev personally coordinates every stage of the process, meticulously overseeing the technical and decorative work on the project.
       He believes that a close and trusting relationship with the customer is one of the most important ingredients of success. Here there are space and philosophies, and psychologies. Feeling such a deep and personal approach, many customers return over and over again to work with him.
       But each project is a new story, and it is important not to repeat what has already been done, but instead to evolve and find innovative solutions, uniting interior art objects with new technologies and materials.
       Last but not least, Sergei Vasiliev is a perfectionist in everything, an artisan when it comes to working with his hands and a person who remains sure of himself and his creative idea.
Liza Charvy, Reporter